Sirius Top 100 Metal Songs

1. Slayer: “Raining Blood”
2. Black Sabbath: “War Pigs”
3. Metallica: “Master of Puppets”
4. Pantera: “Walk”
5. Iron Maiden: “The Trooper”
6. Megadeth: “Holy Wars”
7. Motorhead: “Ace Of Spades”
8. Anthrax: “Caught In A Mosh”
9. Sepultura: “Refuse/Resist”
10. Judas Priest: “Screaming For Vengence”
11. Black Sabbath: “Black Sabbath”
12. Metallica: “One”
13. Pantera: “Cowboys From Hell”
14. Slayer: “Angel Of Death”
15. Megadeth: “Peace Sells”
16. Iron Maiden: “Number Of The Beast”
17. Pantera: “Cemetary Gates”
18. Metallica: “For Whom The Bells Toll”
19. Testament: “Into The Pit”
20. Anthrax: “I Am The Law”
21. Judas Priest: “Painkiller”
22. Slayer: “Chemical Warfare”
23. Black Sabbath: “Heaven And Hell”
24. Pantera: “Domination”
25. Megadeth: “Hanger 18”
26. Exodus: “Toxic Waltz”
27. Metallica: “Creeping Death”
28. Machine Head: “Davidian”
29. Slayer: “South of Heaven”
30. Sepultura: “Territory”
31. Iron Maiden: “Two Minutes To Midnight”
32. Pantera: “I’m Broken”
33. Metallica: “Battery”
34. Korn: “Blind”
35. Slayer: “War Ensemble”
36. Exodus: “Bonded By Blood”
37. Slipknot: “Heretic Anthem”
38. Dio: “Holy Diver”
39. Sepultura: “Roots Bloody Roots”
40. Pantera: “This Love”
41. Testament: “Disciples of the Watch”
42. Megadeth: “Symphony of Destruction”
43. Metallica: “Fade To Black”
44. Type O Negative: “Black No. 1”
45. Pantera: “Mouth For War”
46. Fear Factory: “Replica”
47. Anthrax: “Indians”
48. Slayer: “Seasons In The Abyss”
49. Lamb Of God: “Black Label”
50. Hatebreed: “I Will Be Heard”
51. Suicidal Tendencies: “You Can’t Bring Me Down”
52. Megadeth: “Wake Up Dead”
53. Black Sabbath: “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”
54. Anthrax: “Madhouse”
55. At The Gates: “Slaughter of the Soul”
56. Sepultura: “Dead Embryonic Cells”
57. Opeth: “Deliverance”
58. Metallica: “Hit The Lights”
59. Napalm Death: “Greed Killing”
60. Slipknot: “Spit It Out”
61. Carcass: “Heartwork”
62. Danzig: “Mother (live)”
63. System of a Down: “Sugar”
64. Cannibal Corpse: “Hammer Smashed Face”
65. Celtic Frost: “Procreation of the Wicked”
66. Death: “The Philosopher”
67. Venom: “Welcome To Hell”
68. Motorhead: “Overkill”
69. Iron Maiden: “Wrathchild”
70. Ministry: “Just One Fix”
71. Deftones: “7 Words”
72. Testament: “Practice What You Preach”
73. Prong: “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”
74. Biohazard: “Punishment”
75. Corrosion of Conformity: “Albatross”
76. Soulfly: “Eye For An Eye”
77. Voivod: “Tribal Convictions”
78. Morbid Angel: “Chapel of Ghouls”
79. Helmet: “Unsung”
80. Mercyful Fate: “Evil”
81. Deicide: “Dead by Dawn”
82. Overkill: “Rotten To The Core”
83. Meshuggah: “Future Breed Machine”
84. Lamb Of God: “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”
85. Kreator: “Pleasure to Kill”
86. Life Of Agony: “River Runs Red”
87. Manowar: “Kill With Power”
88. Annilhilator: “Allison Hell”
89. Melvins: “Honey Bucket”
90. Entombed: “Wolverine Blues”
91. Mudvayne: “Dig”
92. Cradle Of Flith: “From The Cradle To Enslave”
93. Gwar: “Maggots”
94. Cro-Mags: “We Gotta Know”
95. Mastodon: “Iron Tusk”
96. Shadows Fall: “What Drives The Weak”
97. Sick Of It All: “Stratch The Surface”
98. Static-X: “Push It”
99. Killswitch Engage: “Fixation On The Darkness”
100. Neurosis: “Through Silver In Blood”


~ by am0nrahx on May 30, 2008.

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